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I'm thankful to be a part of Unity Outreach. The comfort they showed my mother and I during my mother's terminal illness was truely a blessing. They were not only concerned with our physical needs but our spiritual needs as well. They are a light in the darkness and I am forever grateful.
~Sonny Brigman

Unity Outreach, provide my mammagram, due to me not having any insurance. It is important to me to get my mammagram due to the lose of my mother to Breast Cancer 4 years ago. Thank you, Unity Outreach. 

 I have been volunteering for Unity Outreach since 2009. I am thankful to be a part of an organization that does so much for women in our community who are fighting breast cancer. I lost my mother, Mina Goodman, to breast cancer in 2010. Unity Outreach was there for my mom and also for me always supporting and comforting in times of need.
~Christy Joubert

Allow me to walk you through this “Tapestry of Pink”.

Pink represents femininity; we often connect pink with romance, love, friendship, harmony, compassion, relaxation, and companionship.  Pink is symbolic of gentle emotions, and of emotional unions.  Pink is considered the color of good health and life. 

Biscuit Pink is symbolic of the “Dread” Feeling the Lump, knowing that something is wrong, and having to wait three weeks for a doctor’s appointment. The days seemed long and time was not traveling quickly enough.  This lump was growing so quickly I knew I had to have it removed.

Fire Red Pink is symbolic of the Fury of wanting all of this Madness to stop, feelings of Anger and Fear, and “Wondering why this is happening to me”.  My mind kept telling me, “If this is bad for me Take it Out”.

Coral Pink is symbolic of Dread and Hope. Not quite certain that you’re  going to make it through the Chemo, and knowing that the day is coming when I’ll have to face the “Red Devil”, my last bag. Let alone the Radiation Treatments.

Misty Rose Pink is symbolic of The Constant Nausea, and feeling of Sickness.  My mind took me to a place of fogginess that kept in a state of confusion, due to my inability to focus on anything.

Shimmering Blush Pink is symbolic of my hair loss, and the 36 radiation treatments Monday –Friday.  I recall having the number to the American Cancer Society in my hands and wondering if I should call them to go select my first wig or go bald. Because after all “Bald is Beautiful”!

Classic Rose Pink is symbolic of Relief and the Hope I felt feeling that everything was going to be all right, and the reasoning I was trying to make out of all I had gone through.  Because, all things happen for a reason, Right?

So, If I have the faith as of the size of a mustard seed, I shall say to this mountain, MOVE from here to there, and it SHALL MOVE; and nothing shall be impossible for me.


This tapestry of “Pink”, looking at it from the back side appears fragmented, but once the tapestry turned and reviled there lays a masterpiece!


In the book of Ecclesiastes there is a passage of scripture that says “There is an appointed time for everything, And there is a time for every event under heaven”.

I would like to say a very special thank you to my brave friend for sharing her most intimate and deep thoughts about her journey through breast cancer, and helping me to understand as we journeyed together creating this Tapestry of Pink

Thank you very much

Dia’na Perez

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