Our Story
Unity Outreach was founded in loving memory of Wendy Judeen Owens.

From the loss of one, comes a heart to help many.

Sisters Peggy Jones and Sherry Turner began the Unity Outreach, Inc. 501(c)3 non-profit in 2006, two years after Sherry’s daughter Wendy Judeen Owens lost her battle with breast cancer at the very young age of 31. We know firsthand how heartbreaking this disease can be and the kind of physical, emotional and spiritual pressures that it can put on patients and their families. It is in Judeen’s honor that we continue fighting this disease through the Unity Outreach organization and the Judeen Memorial Foundation.

All of the funds raised by Unity Outreach stay in our community to help with needs not covered by insurance or other agencies, which may include co-pays, medicines, treatments and supplies. Supporting education and early detection are the best tools for saving lives.

The inspiration and focus behind our logo.

Our logo was created to represent the cause we stand for, the support we provide and the inspiration we were blessed with. At the center of the logo is a traditional pink ribbon to represent breast cancer awareness. From the ribbon, two outstretched arms express the love and support we offer to people in our community who need it most. Perched at the tip of one arm is a heart, beating with the hope we have that one day no one will have to suffer from this disease. And at the base of our ribbon, a tiny ladybug in honor of the nickname that Judeen, our inspiration for starting this organization, was given by her grandmother.

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